SerialBrain2, 2-22-19… “The bomb that went off yesterday that you probably didn’t hear” (may be of particular interest to those concerned about 5G)

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New SerialBrain2 post came out today, and this one really rang some of my inner bells. Particularly clarifying are the decodes related to the rollout of 5G (for cell phones and internet). This is one of the more important SB2 decodes, and the message is clear: “Patriots (Lightworkers, White Knights) are in control of the situation(s) on this planet. The is nothing to fear.”

“The Wall” is more than just a single physical barrier on the southern US border with Mexico. It is “an integrated set of protections to shield us from the various types of threats that were identified.

I particularly found it enlightening viewing the upper right regions of these images, where SB2 places the decoded interpretations of each: Img2Img3Img4Img7 (actually, scanning those gives a quick overview of the entire article).

An And We Know video highlighting this SB2 post should be coming…

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