“I’m Afraid of Trump” – The Work of Byron Katie VIDEO

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byron_katie_video_snip_300James Gilliland mentioned this to me during our meeting on Maui and today’s radio show, and has also posted it on his website, here. I felt it might be helpful and/or illuminating for some.

In my view, “fears” are not to be “feared”, but rather “faced in the Light”. This is perhaps one of the valuable aspects of the “Trump effect” of seeming polarization. Whether it relates to that or something else, I perceive that many of us are coming face to face with whatever it is we are being asked to release, right here, right now.

And those who may “make fun” of those who are going through such a process, likely have their own set of stuff that they are not yet “facing in the Light”.


Published on Jan 20, 2017
A woman suffering from a deep-seated fear of Donald Trump questions her many…

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Super Bowl LI (that’s “51”)… “A Very “Illuminati-ating” Event”

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super_bowl_li_0103_us_flag[Kp add-on 1: talk about “Illuminati-ating”… Bush, Sr. did the opening coin toss… from his wheelchair.]

Holy crap, for some reason, I felt drawn to watch this show… the full halftime show. Not live, of course.

So I started my NFL app, then saw a link to the halftime show, energetically shielded the TV, Roku, and all around it, and myself, and clicked the start. I saw some amazing things. It was (as expected) an astounding, well-crafted show, as entertainment goes. And Lady Gaga demonstrated her extensive talents. And, yes, she slowly lost more and more pieces of clothing during the performance.

And yes, I also saw some amazingly “Illuminati-ating” things.

So instead of write a lot about it, I’m posting a few screenshots with the approximate times to show what I saw. The video times are captured in the screenshots. My comments are in the captions of each.

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Catherine Austin Fitts on Jeff Rense 1-31-17.. “Brilliant Explanation Of What Trump… And We… Are Now Facing”

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catherine_austin_fitts_from_video_2[Kp update: just finished listening to the whole thing and all I’ll say is, “Absolutely Astounding!!“]

Just have listened to the first 11 minutes of this, and I’m hearing a very practical explanation of what is going on right now in the US and the planet as a whole. I view this very much as a “showing the whole picture” kind of show (Rense alert: he does interrupt more than I would like, but the message still gets through; but glad that he did this interview).

Thanks to Galactic Connection for this.


[TAPT alert.]

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